Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tired Pittie Poem

i'm so tired of all the lies and all the hate,
of hearing tales of all the kids i never ate
my jaws don't lock, my brains don't swell,
i can't even guard that well
i only have one set of teeth,
i'm not a shark or dragon beast
but still most peeps won't take a chance
they'll never know how i can dance
or how i can laugh and play
they'll see my face and run away
or throw me in a cage to stay
-if they don't kill me on that day
and on the streets, it's even worse
with gasoline and scissors cursed
i just wish i could be seen
for what i am, a normal dog
not a killer, not born mean
just a victim that's been flogged
beaten down and beaten up
from the day i was a pup...
i just want to love and give
i just want some time to live
just one day, to prove to you
that i deserve
some kindness

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