Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Joy

I was remembering my pitbull Hunter's very first Christmas. He was about 7 months old and watching everyone open their presents.

I had never been the "parent" of a dog before so I wasn't sure if he would even be cognizant of the whole gift giving interaction. As it turns out I sure am glad I got him gifts too.

We people kept exchanging and unwrapping presents, and he watched all of us for a while, then suddenly slunk off into a corner looking very dejected.

I realized he thought he had been left out of the festivities so I brought out his main gift - a giant dual-sided fleece & microsuede doggy bed with a big red bow on it.

Man, you should have seen his eyes light up! He dragged it all around the room using both paws and teeth, pushed it into us, knocked things over and generally had a heyday with it. I don't think he knew what it was but he sure was going to play with it.

He never did sleep much on it, as he preferred my bed but I will never forget the joy he showed on that first Christmas.

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