Thursday, December 25, 2008

Smashing My Idols


I had to stop volunteering at this pitbull shelter and even took down my Myspace (does that double my bother anyone but me) site devoted to their advocacy.

I've been struggling with putting animals over human beings and over God in my heart.

I hate human beings and I really don't feel genuine love for God (respect, awe, wonder, sure - love...not yet). If I continue to put all of my heart and soul into animal welfare, I will be disobeying the command to love God with all my heart and mind and soul and strength.

I won't be doing anyone any good by turning into Bitter Dog Lady. I have to put first things first.

Besides, for one thing, God can do in half a nanosecond for any cause, what I could not accomplish in a lifetime. And for another, if He disapproves, the result will be disaster should I persist.

Finally, I have to have faith that He knows what's best for each person. For me right now, being a voice for the underdog has to be set aside.

I have to have faith that God knows what He's doing and always asks me to do what is the best thing for everyone, animal and human.

And I pray I'll get to be some sort of animal caretaker in Heaven...or even on earth if I can just get that loving God and people thing down.

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